Psychologist Pretoria

Lenie Naudè
325 Ellips Street
Pretoria, 0184
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 803 2203
Fax: +27 86 284 925
Cell: +27 82 892 1432


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Lenie Naudè is a highly qualified psychologist based in Pretoria East. She specialises in hypnotherapy, trauma and stress counselling, divorce and single parenthood counselling, marriage counselling, play therapy and Imago relationship therapy.

She is a regular speaker on Radio Pretoria and Radio Namaqualand, and contributes to several national magazines like Sarie, Rooi Rose, Vrouekeur and Lig.

Hipnotherapy helps one to understand the cause and origin of your problems which might be causing negativity in your daily behaviour. Through hypnosis you will heal these issues and turn the negative patterns in your subconscious into positive patterns.

It can be used for:
Positive Self Esteem, Life Skills, Depression and Panic Attacks, To Stop Smoking, Weight Control, Eating Disorders, Phobic Fears, Post Traumatic Stress, Handling Pain, Successful Sport and Academic Achievements, Increased Productiveness.

IMAGO Relationship Therapy
This therapy is very effective for saving and healing relationships.

She helps married couples discover the spark that made them fall in love again and to better understand what might have gone wrong in their marriage. For engaged couples she helps to improve and deepen relationships and teaches them how to communicate to prevent problems in the relationship. She helps parents and children listen and talk to each other in a safe and meaningful way. She can assist workers to handle certain situations at work in a better way and to communicate properly with co-workers. For the aged she teaches certain techniques that people of the older generation can use to talk to their children, grandchildren, family and friends, as to understand their world and viewpoints better.

Trauma and Stress Therapy
Lenie uses a revolutionary technique to ease stress that have built up in the body and repair chronic stress after traumatic experiences. Simple yet effective exercises are done to repair body balance.

Divorce Counselling and Single Parenthood
Assistance to cope with the painful emotional process after divorce. Learn how to handle the upbringing of your children alone. Lenie will help you to deal with this difficult process with the least damage.

Play Therapy
Children can learn how to cope with their emotions.

MEd Psig and MEd (UP)
Registered with HPCSA (Health Care Professions Council of South Africa)
Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa
SASCH (Clinical Hypnosis Association)
IMAGO Africa

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